Journey with EO

It's all started when I saw my friend post on her Instagram about Young Living.
She bought 3 kinds of Young Living essential oil, Thieves, R.C, and Lavender. On her post, she said she was really amazed with the oils. Her family doesn't have to see the doctor anymore (unless the illness is serious), and especially for her kids, when she heard them sneezing, cough or their nose getting runny, she quickly rub them with one of these oils and all the cold and cough symptoms are gone! Her baby sometimes has a restless sleep and often woke up and cried at night.. and after rubbing these oils, she sleeps really well. As for herself and her husband, they work great too, she apply them whenever she has headache or not feeling well.

I begin looking about all those oil stuff.. looking in Instagram, the web itself, asking sellers here and there.. They are kinda pricey, that was my thought at first.. but after reading oil users' testimonials, blog posts, etc.. I think I'm going to give it a try. 

Choosing my first oil

My first intention buying these oils is for my kids. My son, Michael often caught a cold from the environment and some seasonal cold. Fae rarely got sick, but she likes to play with her big brother, so I thought I need something to protect her too. 
I was going to follow my friend, buying those three oils, but after I read again.. I thought I might want some for me and hubby too, hahaha..

And as I'm a newbie in this oily business and after some consultation with one or the YL seller.. I chose the Young Living Everyday Oil Kit. It has 10 kinds of essential oil that you can use everyday.
My favorite from the kit is Lavender (it's good for insects bite, and promote good sleep), Thieves (that support immune system, and yes, it helps my children recover fast), Purification (for it's cleansing effect.. I love the aroma and it cleanses the air too), Pan Away (for my back pain) and Valor (for the stiff neck).
The others are Peace & Calming (also like Lavender, it has relaxing and soothing effects), Joy (for a joyful day), Peppermint (for headache, indigestion and cold), and Frankincense.
You see that the kit has 2 of the oils my friend bought too, the Thieves and Lavender, only in smaller size (hers is 15 ml and on the kit is 5 ml).
I also ordered Myrtle essential oil and V6 for diluting the oils.
And so far,  I'm loving it!!

Since I was planning to order quite a lot, she suggested that I applied as a member too..And I never regret my decision, I'm in love with the oils and planning to buy some more for my family.
I'm also willing to share with you.. if you would like to try these amazing essential oils, be sure to contact me. It will surely be a great deal! :-)

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