Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I Love This | Give Me 5!

I hope you all will have a happy Monday!

Today I want to share this layout I made for 2Peas class challenge. I really love these two photos of my son, they were taken when he was getting ready to go to Sunday School.
He looks so energetic and excited. I love it! And they layout that Corrie made for 213 in 2013 class caught my eyes, I think they are really colorful and simple, and of course will match these photos.

This is the layout that Corrie made :

It's really colorful isn't it?
She provided some prompts for the class challenge, which are;
1. K.I.S.S. (Keep it SUPER simple.)
2. Don't fret your mistakes.
3. Try something transparent.

I decided to do number one, instead of spreading some mist, I was splatting some colors..  And I guess I was a little bit too excited that I accidentally spilled some yellow mist on the card stock, I guess I tilted it too much. But then again, i looked at the prompts and decided to use number two as well.. I shouldn't fret about it, and instead of changing to new card stock (just like what I used to do in the past), I stick with this one and thought that this can make a cute accent on the layout, haha.. Besides, papers are expensive nowadays, especially with all the currency increase. 

And this is my take for the class, using Studio Calico Cuppa scrapbook kit
I really LOVE this! 
Oh yeah, after adding the journaling, I realized that it wasn't balanced with the empty space above the photos.. so, the "Give Me 5" doodles were added last, and I'm satisfied with the result. 
And here's some close up look of the layout.

Thank you for looking :)
I hope you all enjoy your day!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

8 on 8th

I was browsing through SC, 2Peas and some scrapbookers' blogs when I came across Corrie's blog.

She has a project to scrap more about herself.. she's been doing this since October last year. So, the idea is to write 8 things you are feeling or experiencing at one moment during the day (the 8th day of each month). Whether is good or bad, anything about you.

I figured that this could be a good idea, besides that I will be at least have to make one layout each month for this project, it's kinda fun to take self photo and yup, I agree with Corrie, that this can be a little bit therapeutic too.

I know that it's a little late, but I'd like to give it a try and might making this a regular thing.
This is my first attempt on "Me on the 8th" 

1. Missing my son. I just gave birth to my 2nd child, a daughter named Fae (I told you about her on my previous blog), and since I got pregnant with her.. I hired a babysitter to help me take care of Michael. Well, the doctor and some family members said that I should not carry heavy stuff and telling you the truth, as the stomach was getting bigger, it made me harder to move and I got tired easily. So I couldn't play with him as much as before.. And now.. I have to take care of Fae and since I'm going to fully breastfeed her, I got more occupied. Well, I enjoy being a mother of two gorgeous babies, but I do miss him.

2. Trying to find time to scrap and Project Life. I haven't touch any of my scrap stash and Project Life since I got home from the hospital. I can't wait to scrap about my new born baby girl, my just becoming a big brother son, and all that has been documented into Project Life. And my baby girl 1st album too!

3. Doing a photo a day challenge  with some friends. My husband and our group of friends decided to make our IG feed more fun, by doing a photo a day challenge. We use the prompt from @fatmumslim and hash tag our photos with #CLphotoaday or #CLDec13. It's fun to see what everybody takes each day. And now.. I'm kinda 3 days left behind.. so I'm brainstorming ideas for them, haha.. 

4. Missing home. I went back to my parent's house after we got home from the hospital. My parents in law were away on a trip (we live in my in-law's house), so there were no one to help me at the time, so hubby and I decided to stay at my parent's house for a while. It was fun and there were lots of people.. I kinda miss the crowd there.

5. A bit lonely because I missed today's gathering with my girls. Well, according to Chinese tradition.. you have to stay at home for 40 days after labor, for recovery, to regain your health, stamina etc..so, here I am.. at home with my little boy & baby girl.

6. Hoping. I got my worries.. especially after giving birth to my second child, there will be a lot more things that I have to take care of. I'm worried if I cannot give a fair amount of attention to my children and husband. I hope I can tho..

7. A bit tired and sleepy.. because I have to wake several times at night to breastfeed. but I'm not complaining, I'm happy that I can fully breastfeed my daughter until now. I hope I can do it at least until she's 6 months old. Wish me luck.  

8. Happy for all the things I have. My husband, my children, my families..

Here is a link of Corrie's 8 on 8 project on 2Peas blog

Monday, December 09, 2013

Hello December! | An Update

Hi! Hello again on December!
I just got the chance to write on my blog since we got home from hospital.
And YAY! We got a gorgeous baby girl!!

Meet her..
 Fae Mayleen Zhang
Born on November 22nd 2013
on 8.12 A.M
Weight : 3.250 kg
Height : 49 cm

That is her first photo.. I'm thinking about putting it into a layout soon.. or at least in her mini album. 
And yup, she's also the reason that I just had the time to post now.. haha.. been busy spending time with her and her big brother. So glad that Michael really love his little sister. Both, my husband and I are trying so that he won't feel left behind with all the attention that has been on Fae lately. I hope he'll love his sister so much and won't get jealous or things. Here's my favorite photo of them..

By the way, this time, I can breastfeed my baby too.. the first time with Michael, I couldn't give enough breast milk.. well, didn't produce as much before.. and this second time, I'm so thankful that I'm given a chance to be able to fully breastfeed her.. so, this got me a little bit more occupied, haha.. but I'm soo sooo happy!

Another update.. and another good news..
I won a challenge at 2Peas for the very first time! Was so happy when I got home and opened 2Peas blog and found my name.. YAY!! 
I think I'm going to use the voucher to buy Wilna's class.. I'm a fan! 

I haven't work on my PL.. I'm still gathering some photos, I think I'm going to double print them.. one to put on PL and the other on the baby Fae's album.. 
Wow! Got a lot of things to do. 

I think this is all the update I can write for now.. 
And these are some photos of us..

Decorate the photos with my favorite apps, A Beautiful Mess & Rhonna Designs.
Have a great day!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

2 Pregnancy LO | a day before

We're planning to have my C-section on NOvember 22nd, wish me well! Thank you, haha..
So yesterday.. while cleaning up our bedroom, tidying up the craft room a bit, and packing things to take to the hospital.. I managed to take some time finishing 2 layouts I have in mind. 

They were about two black and white photos I have during my pregnancy.. there's a another one, but I haven't got the time.. I'll see what I can do today :-p

This is the first, the photo was taken on November 5th by my husband, a photo of me with my son kissing my belly.. I really LOVE his expression here.. he looks so happy! I hope he will be much happier to see his future little sister. 

 Made this also for the 213 in 2013 challenge at 2Peas.

And this is my 2nd layout.. 
Took this photo of myself using my iPhone 4s when I was feeling a bit mellow.. I already talk about this on my previous post. And this is the scrapbook layout that came up from it. 
I think the prompts of adding envelopes really represents how I fell.. I can't wait to see her, I can't wait to tell and share things with her.. and I don't think I want to write them in letters.. not that I'm lazy to write, but I think it won't be enough..

This is also an entry for Scrap Your Stash challenge at 2Peas.

I'm going to stay at the hospital starting tonight.. so I might not be writing for the next week I guess. 
But I might still going to give some updates on my Instagram, please follow me if you like.

Thanks for looking & have a great day!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

See You Soon..

Just a short post & a little quote..

"No one else will ever know
the strength of my LOVE for you.
After all, you are the ONLY ONE
who knows how my heart sounds like
from the inside."

Planning to have my C-section this November 22nd' 2013.. so I'm kinda busy preparing things to bring to the hospital & so on..

This is a photo I took yesterday.. when I was feeling a bit gloomy & scared.. yes, I am.. this is my second time giving birth, but why am I getting scared? I have no idea too..
I guess I worry on things a little bit too much.. worry of who will be looking after my son, Michael.. worry whether I can do this all by myself or not.. and so on..
But like my hubby said, we're going to go through this together.. two kids, it's not gonna be easy.. they will require more time, effort, savings and a lot more from us, but we will always be together facing it.

After all, having a child is a great blessings. There are a lot of people trying so hard to get one, but hasn't succeed yet.
We have to embrace it and be thankful that we can have one baby boy and soon a baby girl..

I can't wait to see her though.. she's been kicking a lot these days..guess the womb is getting to tight, haha.. see you soon, my baby darling..


Monday, November 18, 2013

Preggie Me Silhouette

Been wanting to take a silhouette photo of myself while pregnant..
So, today.. with my iPhone 4s and a capdase tripod hubby bought me.. I took a selfie of myself, YAY!
I love the result!! Love the big belly, love my pointy navel.. hahaha..
I just LOVE it!
And I also love that hubby said that it's great I can take such a gorgeous photo, muach, muach, muach!

And the next thing you know.. 
I'm using this photo on every profile pictures, haha.. 
Going to scrap it sometime soon :-)


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Project Life | Week #44

It’s been a tiring month, well, besides the belly’s getting bigger and heavier.. I also feel sleepy most of the time.I had a chance to stay at my parents house too.. it’s only for a night when hubby was away, but it was great. I miss chit chatting with them until late.. Michael had a great time too playing with his uncles.

I manage to bake things too.. starting from making Cheese Soufflé, Apple Pie, and 5 minutes brownie in a mug.. all recipe from Eugenie Kitchen.
I love learning how to cook, although I rarely manage to memorize the recipe and have to look at them each time I’m going to make or cook things, haha..

And today, I feel more relax and decided to catch up my PL.. I decided to make my latest week, which is week #44. I find it easier to do it that way (finishing the week closest to you). I’m using Studio Calico November kits, both scrapbook add-on kits and scrapbook kit. I haven’t got my November scrapbook kit because they sent me the wrong one, last month’s instead of the recent one, but it’s all sorted out and my SC November scrapbook kit is already on it’s way, YAY!

This is Week #44 :

Added a little envelope.. inside is a note about being thankful, and it’s also part of the challenge in 2Peas PL class.. :)
Thanks for looking.