Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Post Crossing

So, I decide to start penpal-ing.
I've been thinking about it for some times. Writing letters to a new friend from the other side of the world, getting to know their countries and of course themselves and hopefully to gain friendships.
The cute envelopes, letters, writings and stamps are the bonuses.

I found some new friends through Instagram and there are three beautiful ladies that are writing for me now. I can't hardly wait to receive their letters and write back.
I also decided to join a Snail Mail Project from Snail Mail Ideas and Snail Mail My Email by the SMME Community.

The Snail Mail Project 

You can join the Snail Mail Project every month.
You send your address and get an address from another Snail Mailer.
What so fun is, the one you write to is not the person you will get a snail mail from. It will be a total surprise, and you get two new friends instead of just one! :-)
You can join in too, by clicking the picture above.

Snail Mail My Email Project 

Snail Mail My Email is a worldwide collaborative art project where volunteers handwrite strangers' emails and send physical letters to the intended recipients, free of charge.

It is not actually a post crossing for myself, but I can learn a lot from it, I think. :-)
You can also read more about it by clicking the picture above.

If you happen to be looking for a penpal too.. you can email me at jeannemw23@gmail.com

Have a great day!

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