Thursday, September 25, 2014

Layout | Jakarta - Pop Con Asia 2014

Made this layout for my husband to show my encouragement towards his pursuit in toy designing.

He has a blog,  - a blog he created from his hobby in toys, photography and blogging. Toy as in toys and kultur is culture in English.
In his blog, he writes about his toy reviews, toy photography and news on toy culture in Indonesia. He hopes that international people can acknowledge the growing and potential Indonesian toy designers through his blog.

He opened a booth at the POP CON Asia and collaborate with some abroad toy designers to put their exclusives on his booth. He wanted to introduced his own character too, Gacha. The name came from Godzilla and ocha, as a character design inspired by his favorite kaiju, Godzilla, and his habit in drinking tea / coffee.

I didn't have a lot of photos from the event, because honestly, we (my kids and I), didn't spend too much time at the convention.. because they are still too small and the place is really crowded with all the sounds and visitors, also there's no place for them to rest. So I took the kids for a walk and play at the mall or sometimes we just stayed at the apartment and rest. 

This is the layout I made for him and also as my take on Studio Calico - Sunday Sketch

This it the detail photo when Mari E. Pangestu visited his booth.. so proud of him to be part of the creative industry. 

The layout tittle.

Some details..

Added a little notes attached at the back of the photos.

Last but not least, it is actually a little message for my husband. I actually do not know how clear he is about his path in the to industry.. so I just assuming that he is still trying to find his way, what kind of approach, advertisement, types of products or merchandise of his character that he want to produce.. he might still looking here and there and asking around a.k.a wandering.. so I guess it will be the right quote to describe his situation now and also as an encouragement. 

We love you :-)

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