Sunday, April 22, 2007

Finally.. the whole set

This is the result of my obsession in making flannel cakes, tarts and all those cute little yummies...
I made all this since last Tuesday, the whole set are all finished.

1st day, 17-04-07
I made Strawberry Cake..
I added two strawberries when taking its' picture.
looking delicious?

2nd day, 18-04-07

Strawberry roll cake, and the green one I don't know how to say it in English, Pandan Roll Cake.
then Fruit Pie and Chocolate Pie..

3rd say, 19-04-07
2 crepes, made this before I went to a friends' birthday dinner.
The first one I made is too yellow (my bro said it), so I made the second one, but I think it's too pale..
well, so difficult to find flannel colors here, especially pastel colors..
but it's okay.. just having fun making them..
let's go.. some more to go..

4th day, 21-04-07

Chocolate Cake & Cheese Cake
Yum.. make me hungry..hahaha..
made this while chatting with Indra.. so, the whole set is finished.
Want to see them all in one box together?
Here they are.. ready for delivery.. hahaha
Oops.. there's one little stranger right in the middle. Well, I'll tell you about it on my next post, k?


Indra said...

They all look so friggin delicious!! nice work babe.. another fave flannel ;) Two thumbs up from me ;)

Jeanne said...

thank u dear, love tat you love them to..

Didiet Arie said...