Thursday, May 10, 2007


Yep! It’s the most valuable thing on earth to me..
I had bad times with not being honest, so I won't lie no more, even a little..

And today, I just experienced something that has something to do with it this morning, something real good and I’m so glad I’m being honest with them.. Was feeling afraid that they would not fulfill my wish if I said I’m not working in the field, but yea, I decide to tell them the truth and with a little shaky and sounds like about to cry voice (I did a little), I got one! Yuppie!!!
Almost giving up about it, but something in my head said try it for the last time, you got nothing to lose, probably only few rupiahs of phone credit. Yea.. thank God I did it, I just can’t stop smiling now…hehe.. but can’t get relax till I get it tomorrow, have to come to their office and take it.
Yay! Yay!

You're asking what is this about? The thing that I want? Haha, can’t tell you now, it’s not something for me, I’m doing this for someone else, but I won’t say no if they would give me an extra, hahaha..

Just wish me luck tomorrow, k?

Great day!!

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Indra said...

ponders... hmm.. what could this be about?