Friday, June 29, 2007

Just another day..

Had a bad experience at one of the local bank today, grrr… I wonder why they ever hired that lady. So not friendly and irresponsible to her task.. If I were her boss, I would have fire her. Hmm.. let’s not talk about this, I had enough, hahaha..

Tonight’s date is to Gramedia.. just for a while tho, my darl wants to look for something. And then we went home and played Wii (darl brought his) with my brothers. My Dad tried it too, interested Dad? Want to buy one? Hahahaha..
It’s fun! Thank you darl..

Oh yeah, he also brought a T- shirt, his Mum gave it for us (thank you Ie) and she wants us to take picture wile wearing them.. so here they are.. (‘’,)*

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