Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sean turns 6

Today is my little brothers' birthday, Happy Birthday broo ('',)*
Two days ago he called me.. saying something like this..

(sorry, in Indonesia only.. hard to tranlate it, hehe..)
Sean : Cie, An2 ulang tahun.. hadiah nya mana?
Me : An2 mau hadiah apa?
Sean : Mainan pijit2 Ce, yang ada anjingnya, puppy..
Me : ha? (pijit-pijit kepala..)

Do you know what he wants? It's the same game as his brother (Arief) has, Nintendo DS. And the dog thing, it's the game Nintendo Dog, my brother, Arief, called his (game) dog Puppy.. Oh my, what should I do? he doesn't even know how to play the game.. Do you know an alternative? Does Game Boy have something like Nintendo Dog too?

Haha.. now I'm confused.. I planned to buy a basketball ring and the basket ball..
hmm.. I guess I'll just stick to the first plan and leave the "pijit-pijit" thing to my mum, hahahaha..

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