Saturday, August 18, 2007

Prince of tea

"At midnight, when you stir your tea, where the full moon's reflected it, then a tea fairy will come and grant us three wishes" That's what the folks tale says...

A comic lover? yea, that's what I am.. been loving it since I can read.. haha..
And this is one of my favorites. A story bout tea lovers ending up really calling those tea fairies, who actually are princes and princesses from the Tea Kingdom. They become friends and uh-oh.. as usual.. love stories..
Sounds so childish to read comics, but who cares as long as I love and enjoying it, right? 对不对?哈哈哈。。。
I lluv it, really. And this is a spoiler.. heard that it will end on the 25th and I found this pic. Will Prince Assam and Taiko end up together just like the cover shows? Will King Gophaldara just stand there and let this happen? How will Haruka react on this? What about Someko with her crush on Prince Hon Mutan? What will happen to all of them? Ouw ouw ouw.. I'm so curious.
No. 23 just came out here in Indo.. I hope the rest will be published soon..


yulia said...

hai, i just searching some pict about prince of tea, when i found your blog. hehe i love this comic either, can't stop read it until the final series. i also read the special edition, the story about taiko and assam after their marriage. have you read it??hmm, hmm,, so glad to know someone who has the same interest with me. nice to see you,,(^ ^)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Yea.. I read the special edition too. I love it! Especially when Taiko finally remember Assam, isn't that what happened?

hijau-lumut said...

Waaaaw.... I love Prince Of Tea too.. But it's so hard to find it in South Borneo.... Hiks.. T.T

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Hijau Lumut: Hi! nice to know you (^^,)*
In which part of SB do you live? I found some in Banjarmasin's Gramedia.
Well, if you need the series, I can help, but can't promise I can find it. Liat stock d toko buku nya, hehe..
Just let me know, k?