Thursday, November 29, 2007

Love and sandwich

Todays' browsing favorite is..

Love & sandwich monsters..ho ho.. cute isn't it?
Well, for those who doesn't know.. I really like handmade stuff, especially things made from flannel (or felt). When I got online to the internet, I always spend some time and kb to browse and see other peoples' creation, hopefully they will give me some inspirations.. ^^
This is my first time to put this kind of thing (favorite finding of the day), just to share to you all..

This monsters were made by Chelsea Bloxsom, she's from Bridgewater, MA.
She likes to sew, draw and paint. She made a lot of drawings and monster plushies, they're cute! In fact, she just had some of her creations, Simon Snowday and Holly Holiday voted for the top 5 Holiday Softie Awards for "Let it snow!" and "Animals dressed or the holiday" category. Congratulations for her.
You can see her creations here, I hope you'll enjoy them too..


Chelsea said...


i just found this by searching my name in google for the fun of it, hahah. how awesome! thanks for featuring me. :D :D

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Yea! I just love your works!!
so original and attractive ^^
can't wait to see some more..