Friday, November 02, 2007

Surabaya Toyfest 2007

Went to a Toy Festival at PTC this afternoon.
From what I hear, this can be said as the first in Surabaya that has so many visitors. They have held this kind of event few years ago, but the visitors are not too enthusiastic, maybe because they're not yet familiar with anime, manga, action figures, and all of these things. Me too actually, I only know some, the most common ones; like Bleach, Death Note, Naruto, Dragon Balls, One piece, and those that my boyfriend and brothers watch, play and collect.
Too bad my boyfriend went back to his hometown already, he can't visit the festival, so I promised him that I will go and take some pictures for him. I don't know the names of the character I took photos of.. but you can see them all here.. ^^
- monsters -
- monsters & the diorama -
- Star Wars, is it? -
- Spawn? and I don't know.. haha.. -
I know this one, Ryuk and Kira from Death Note. I really want this, but it's too expensive; Rp. 680,000,- for the pair. There are some other figures and figurine, but they didn't put it on display.
And last.. they have cosplay until tomorrow (3/11) too. I took picture with them, haha..
There's also a man wearing full army uniform complete with the weapons and all, just too bad I couldn't take his picture, the stall is too crowded. Hope this kind of event will be held annually, it's fun!
Have a great one! Don't forget to visit if you're happen to be in Surabaya, the fest is only until Sunday, 4 November 2007.


Indra said...

damn it I missed it! DO"H!

(yea I know, this is a belated comment)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...'s ok.
btw, remember ur first comment when I showed you the pictures? you said "there's something wrong with the guy's eyes".