Saturday, December 08, 2007

At Advent calendar..

At Advent calendar is finished..a week late I know..haha..
But better late than never. I never made one of these before, saw some on the flickr group and they make it looks really fun counting the days till Christmas..
After looking up here and there, at first I decided to male little ornaments that I can hang on the Christmas tree, but then I found out I may not be able to make one for each day, due to many reasons. So yeah..I went to look up for some other ideas.. I saw one looks like this on the cover of handicraft book someone uploaded on her flickr, I forgot her name, but when I find her again, for sure I'll post the information..

So I made 4x4cm squares, stitch them here and there and sew them to the bigger flannel square..
Those little squares make little pockets where I can put my favorite things and little gift I made.. I really like the idea..

This is a pic after I put some little ornaments on it..a cow I made for a friend (you probably know whose the one I mean by now, someone who likes cow so much, haha.. I hope you like it), little heart, a fave pic of my boyfriend and I. And there's on top, my one and only Advent calendar ornaments.. a house with red roof and a star on it.. hehe..

Well, this is it for now!!
Have a jolly holiday!!

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