Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A date with Qq..

Went out with my boyfriend's sister tonight. She came to Surabaya with her Mum for a wedding party. I messaged her this morning and asked if she want to meet up.
So we did go out. And not just another hang out, we're on a mission, hehe.. just joking. We had dinner at Top Noddles, went around boutiques in PTC, mupeng-mupeng at Body Shop, to Hartono Electronic, Igor's and last to Papaya.. a lot of place in one night eh? well, we have to buy some things.
So pity she didn't get to go to Daiso, a one priced shop that sells Japanese stuff (not all actually, some were made in China, just had Japanese design, haha). Well, next time Kiks, I'll take you there ;-)
And next time, we'll make sure we take sticker photos, k?

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