Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Traffic, Jerusalem and TP..

Macet macet and macet again today.. I hate the traffic. especially on raining season. The weather + traffic + busy hour = JUST PERFECT!
Yea, beberapa hari ini Surabaya bener-bener macet tiap sore.. The worst is yesterday, I have to take a longer way, outside of town, to get home.. I heard from the local radio that there are vehicles trapped in the traffic and couldn't move for almost 4 hours! Bener-bener deh! PJR mesti take action segera untuk memperbaiki aturan jalan. Kalo ga bisa, dengan tambah banyaknya mobil and jumlah kendaraan di Surabaya, in the coming years, it will become worst.
Well, let's just hope..

My boyfriend is going for a religious tour today, he & his family join a Holy Land tour to Jerusalem, Abu Dabhi, etc. He's going there by airplane this afternoon. It will be great to celebrate Christmas there, don't you think? I'm happy for him.. Hope he have a fabulous trip. Sure going to miss him so much tho..
How about me? well, my family & I plan to go there around October next year ^^,

This afternoon, I went out with some friends to TP. Just meet up, had dinner and chit chat at Coffee Bean.. nice.

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