Monday, January 21, 2008

Back to work..

It's been a month since I went to Banjarmasin, my hometown. Haha, a really satisfying holiday you can say, from Christmas until New Year. It's been fun, especially near my family and loved ones. We had a lot of things, from "wet" Christmas (because it's raining and all people whose sitting outside the church were running in to the church because the wind broke our tent. Tho it was a tearfully New Year, we did have some fun with the fireworks and my 2nd brother and I promised to have a lot more next year. It will be superb!!
It's been a great month indeed! My boyfriend and I celebrate our 2nd Anniversary.
I hope we'll always be together & reach our dreams (^^,)* Love him so much!

And now, I'm already back in Surabaya and the job with all its' paperwork are waiting. Work! Work! Work! Moreover with all the preparation for Chinese New Year, Gosh!!
Although it's been a hectic one, tiring and just work, work, work.. don't forget to smile (^^,)*

Have a great day, guys!!!

note: this photo is taken in my Mums' office. My office in Surabaya is too ugly to put in here, haha..
later when the new one is finished ya? ('^,)*

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