Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prayer of Being..

Another interesting finding from the service..
I don't know whether it is a song or a prayer or anything.. but it sounds like a poem to me.

Prayer of Being - Mark Hayes

Be in my life, be in my breath
Be in my walk, be in my rest
Be in this humble heart of mine
Be ever present in my mind
Be in my hand, be in my feet
Be in my eyes and in my speech
Be in the smile I gave away
Be in each healing words I say
Be in my work, be in my play
Be in the struggles of each day
Be in my joy, be in my pain
Be in my loss, be in my gain
Be in my thoughts, be in my song
Be in my spirit all day long
Be in my prayers at dawn's first light
Be in my dream all through the night
The prayer of my heart forever shall be
I in You and You in me..

Good night everbody.. friends and families, and my loved ones..
Sweet dreams..

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