Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Little White Horse

Just finished this book today and I’m going to continue with J.K. Rowling latest book that’s going to be released tomorrow (see tomorrow’s post), hehe..

By the way, about this book, The Little White Horse, I found out about it in Kinokuniya’s Silver Christmas Catalogue 2008. It says..

“J.K. Rowling ‘absolutely adored the Little White Horse’ and you probably would
enjoy this enchanting children’s classic about a gentle magical world where
cynicism is absent and moral fairness rules. A beautifully written story which
won the 1946 Carnegie Medal for children’s literature, it’s timeless theme is
being translated onto the silver screen in an upcoming movie starring Ioan
Gruffud and Dakota Blue Richards. This collector’s edition comes in a linen
bound slipcase and contains artwork from the original edition.”

Yea yea.. as you can guess, I bought it because J.K. Rowling loves it. Well, you must be curious and kind of trust your favorite writer choice of books, right? It’s got to be a worth reading too. In fact, it is. The book is really well written and in a beautiful grammatical language too. I like it. It has poems and songs in it and I just can’t wait to see the movie (^^,)*

P.S. was tempted to buy this collector edition, but it was very expensive SGD 40 something while the standard edition is only SGD 17, which in my opinion is better, beside it’s far cheaper, the collector’s edition don’t have much to offer either.. just the linen case and some illustrations, which are beautiful, but not so much also.

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