Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Twilight Syndrome

Finished reading Twilight Saga a while ago, two days and a half after I got it from Periplus.
Fast eh? but not as fast as QQ I guess, haha..

And I was browsing on my facebook to see some friends updates and update my own and I notice the sidebar.. apparently there are a lot of Robert Pattinson and Edward Cullen's fan facebook nowadays.. if you click on search, there will be hundreds of results, more then five hundreds they say, that's crazy.

I openned one of them and found lots of pictures of Robert in Twilight movie, Harry Potter and some model action he took part in. And then, scroll down to discussion and I found some hilarious discussion topics.. they're not appropriate too actually, but I just found it funny how people can react like that to a fictional character.. oh my! they don't even real!!

click on these if you're curious
the first
the second

this goes to those who hates Edward or Robert.. haha..

I'm not personally crazy about Edward like those girls who squeal and screaming histerically on his names.. gosh! way off that stage already.. besides, he's just a fictional character, get real!!
But yea.. it's people's right to like, love, adore, crazy about, possessed or whatever feelings they have to anybody they want.. the haters just have to take it, respect their feelings lah.. like the haters have the right to hate too..

Well, for the likers, lovers, adorers, etc., just don't get yourself in to something's unreal that crazy.. you have a real life too (^^,)*


Angels said...

jeanne..kemana aja :P
aku sampe skrg blum selesai tuh breaking dawn. parah ya :)) mualesss banget. bacanya sedikit2. kayaknya sampai akhir tahun blum selesai nih :P hehe

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Angel: disini aja Ngel. kapan hari sempet pulang, nemenin mama d RS (copot pen kaki), trus sakit (maag ampe jd infeksi usus).. jadi e g nge-blog2..
Kalo aku suka penasaran Ngel, 2 buku langsung abis dalam 2 1/2 hari.. abis tu agak menyesal.. 300rb cuma 2 hari tok abiss.. hahaha..

walah??!! masa ampe akhir taon Ngel? hehehe..