Monday, May 04, 2009

Copycat or plagiat? How should we call it?

Ugh ugh ugh.. I'm so pissed!!

Finally made a message reply for a friend of mine, Jiewa. He's asking about flannel handicraft for his girlfriend.
I'm so so so happy when I found someone whose also interested in crafting.. especially flannel.. so I end up searching for crafters web addresses that I often visit, the blog group I joined, copy paste the addresses for him.. I enjoy it, because I also can see their creations, who knows they'll give me some inspiration (^^,)*

I'm so pissed when I found this multiply user.
She sells flannel creations, her handmade.. but she put others creations photos on her site and claimed them as her own (by putting her shops' stamps on them).
Well, it is up to her if she took the pictures from the book, if she made her flannel stuff based on it, but the other crafters photos, please deh.. I recognise most of them.. I've seen them on flickr, multiply etc..

I've read this kind of case in some of my inspirations blogs (other crafters blog that has inspired me, and usually are foreigners, not Indonesian), never thought it could happen to me too..
I guess that's why you really should put a watermark on your published on websites photos.
I really encourage you all to do that.. I think I'm going to start mine too.. HA!
I personally, sometimes loves to copy and re-make others people creations that really interest me. I think they're so talented and I adore them, and I keep them for myself.
Sometimes I give it to friends, still, with a knowledge that I have someone else as an example.
Never, in my life.. copy other peoples' creations (photos or stuff) and claimed them as my own.
This is the picture of my pies that she took and this is where she put it

I posted this on my multiply and made a post about it on April 22, 2007.. WOW! it's two years ago..

Sigh..what should I do guys? Should I send her an email and confront her about it?


Rashai said...

Kick their ass.. :)

Angels said...

Wah, kena kasus. I think, you should email her dan kasih peringatan suruh turunin gambar2nya. klo email mu ga dibales2 ma dia, di flag aja blognya atau laporin ke multiply nya.

trus tinggalin komen di foto nya suruh turunin.
jualan sih ngga mau usaha dari nol, malah ambil foto orang :|

Can't open multiply right now, di blocked sama kantor :(

Jiewa said...

*duh tadi komenku masuk ga ya?*

Aku ketik lagi deh, intinya org2 seperti itu menyebalkan. Diperingatkan aja, lalu lain kali pake watermark difoto itu biar ga dicuri :)

Indra said...

I agree.. you should confront her :)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Rashai:hey,it's been a while..
Yea.let's kick some ass..

@ Angel:been thinkin' bout that..
Thanks for the advice ya sis (^^,)*

@ Jiewa: g nyampe Jie,yg nyampe ini aja,hehe..
Yep,aku bakal ngirim email k dia and nge-watermark semua foto2 yg ku upload..

@ Indra:oke beb (^^,)*
Ntik temeni ngarang surat e yaa..hehe..

..Ms. Zhen's LiFe.. said...

iya ce mendingan cc email tanyain aja..

temenku kasusnya sama ky cc pernah juga di copy gitu..

tp temen ku jualannya sepatu...

Anak Hilang said...

saya pernah keblognya dia mbak
waktu ngeliat poto-potonya
kayaknya ini karya orang lain
ternyata punya mbak toh

saya mau komplain, takutnya ntar dia tersinggung

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Mingda: iya Ming, semuanya nyaranin gitu, tapi cc baru aja bisa online nih, hehehe..
ntik mungkin cc email.

@ Anak Hilang: thanks ya sis (^^,)*
gpp lagi katanya, g usah sungkan, soalnya kata cowo ku, biar d dunia maya juga ada aturan2nya.. kalo ada yg salah, wajar buat kita ngingetin. sip?!

nenonenoneno said...

wadu.. dasar tu orang de. I can see gimana sebelnya kamu, Jeanne. mending dikontak lewat email trus tanya itu ambil foto darimana. they will come up with some answers (in which you already know the truth). and then confront them. so them the pictures you've got. good luck ya. ;)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Neno: iya..nyebelin..
seng pasti cowokku jg ikutan sebel.
Dia ada mampir ksono and comment, eh d hapus comment nya, comment lg rada pedesan.. eh, d hapus sama foto2nya..

Aku dah msg sih..aku bilang gpp, tp alangkah lebih baik kalo ijin atau yg dipajang foto sendiri, selain g dapat makian, kan lebih bangga juga hasilnya di puji, hehe.. (^^,)*
tinggal tunggu balesan nya dia aja.

thanks ya Neno

Anak Hilang said...

Nah, itu dia mbak.
Walau kita komplain, kayaknya komen kita itu langsung dihapusnya sebelumnya visitor yang keblognya membaca.

beberapa minggu ini blognya saya 'pantau'. tapi sepertinya sudah tak ada 'kehidupan'. mungkin kita bisa minta admin multiply buat ngehapus blognya.

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Anak Hilang: ohya? icic..
Kita liat aja perkembangan nya. kalo dia masih kayak gitu yaa.. baru kita laporin ke multiply (^^,)*
Email ku aja lom dbales ma dia, hehe..