Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chain letter, messages.. yada yada..just DELETE!!

First, I would like to say that this post is made with no intention to offend anyone. This blog contains only my personal thoughts about things that happen and meet in my daily life. Sometime I feel like I want to talk about my thoughts and this is where I share it..
It's up to you to like it or not.. but please, I never mean any harm. (^^,)*

Have you ever get any short message or email or letter that sounds (more or less) like this? This is something I got this afternoon..
"20.30.97 are the numbers of life or death. Do not delete this message before you forward it to 8 female and 6 male friends. If you delete this message, you will get bad luck on the 20th or 30th. If you forward this message, then happiness will come to you on 20th or 30th. This is not a lie and really true, because this message has been cast a spell by someone whose dead already. Sending message will cost you some (rupiahs), but why save it if it will give you bad luck."
So, have you ever get those kind of message? I have, plenty of them.. saying "you have to forward this so you will have luck", or with a threat like "send this or someone you love will soon die", and some also "said send this to 10 people at this minute and you will meet your soul mate / true love tomorrow!!". WHATT??!! Give me a break!! Why do you have to talk trash like that? A thought like "are you cursing me?" even came up in my mind sometimes..

I really hate those chain message. Telling you to send them to other people, sometimes with a false hope and worst, with a threat. And some people just bluntly forward it. I mean, why do you have to believe that a short message can give you luck, can harm you friends and family? And what it says, for example the one above, a dead people cast a spell on the message??!! Did he/she wrote it by themselves? Wow! Wouldn't it be creepy if a ghost can have a cell phone and sending threating text to humans?!

Some people who has received those kind of message, then forward it, sometimes add a sentence like "well, I don't know if it's true, but it doesn't harm to send it". Why do you have to send it anyway?
For us, who have religions, Christians go to Church every Sunday, or Vihara for Buddhist, pray five times a day for Muslims, Hindus go to Pura, and any other religion.. you pray to God, you believe in Him, do you? For what I believe, He is the One who has the right to say when you are going to die, or sick, happy, or anything will happen to you.. it's His words, and not those non-sense messages.

All I wanted to say is.. please, for anyone who made those crappy message, please stop that.
And my dear friends, if you get them, just ignore it.. if maybe, whatever it says bothers you.. bring it in to prayer, ask God to guide and protect you and all the people you care about.
They are only short messages and mean nothing. Don't let it controls you.

Remember, mind over power. Don't let your head filled with those thought about getting bad luck or all those negatives things.. it's what those bad people (who create the chain messages) wants.. making you fell down, lost confidence, see you rot.. don't let them get the pleasure..

Only one to trust oke? that is God..
fiuhh.. lega deh..

P.S. almost forgot to say.. chain letters or messages are okay (to me).. as long as it contains information for the greater good, something that is useful for all of us. Like info about a friend getting married, or someone we know is having trouble & the others sending messages to gather helps.. things like that are better to me.
Oh well, this is only my personal opinion and how I feel towards those kind of chain messages.

This post is made with no intention to offend anyone.. and anyone are welcome to give theirs (opinions) too..

G'nite (^^,)*


Rashai said...

I used to get that kind of emails and I did tell whoever forward me those emails that I had no interest at all on that sort of thing. Some stop some didn't, so I 'spam' anyone who keep forwarding me those email, too mean? maybe yes! but I just couldn't bare with it :) Even on facebook, I once got a forwarded message saying that if I don't forward that message facebook will cancel my account, the funny thing was that claimed-to-be-official message from facebook written in Indo.. What da?.... Sorry but I am just too strict and mean people so 'block user'! ha..ha..:)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

haha.. not mean I guess, haha..
It's just so annoying, rite?
One of my friend told me, she got one that says "if you really believe in God, send this message to 10 friends", so?? does it mean she doesn't believe in God if she didn't do so..? aneh2 ae ya to?

now, when I think about it, is it possible that this is the phone provider's doing? well, by forwarding those message, we'll use a lot of credit, which means more income to them, hahaha..
but nah.. I don't know, maybe it's the work of those who has so many extra times and don't know how to use it. :D

Rashai said...

Yup's indeed really annoying when even a kid can tell that a message is definitely a hoax or that sort of thing, yet still forwarding it. You're rite, it could be a marketing ploy too.. yet some still believe '..just forward this email to 10 people and you'll get a free ***laptop..' or '..send this to 10 friends and expect a miracle soon..' :) Ha..ha.. poor people..
Sorry, this comment doesn't mean to offend anyone, oopss.. I borrow your line :)

Angel said...

I don't like getting chain messages too. I think it's pointless.

Dan waktu itu ada sebuah brand yogurt terkenal bernama R*d M4ng0 yg katanya mau bagi2 blekberi kalau forward sebanyak2nya... I tertipu juga! Sampai sekarang ga da pengumuman pemenangnya. I think the company is using this method to get their email address so they can use it for promotion.

benny said...

iya tuh, nyebelin banget. mending dicuekin aja jeane. email kayak gituan gak penting banget. yg paling parah itu yg "send this to 15 people or your mom will die in a week". d u ever get 1 of this? i sent this to my best friend while his mom was in a hospital. owh, ....

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Rashai, Angel & Benny: duuuh..sorry ya baru bales, lama g dbuka neh blog nya.. lg rada2 repot, hehe..

yup.. nyebelin sms2 yg isi nya janji2 kosong gitu.. *grrr.. haha..

to Benny: serius loe?! reaksi nya dia gimana Ben? tp kmu pasti g sengaja kan..?
oh well, maka e msg2 yg gtu2 mesti dbaca bener2, klo usefull bru deh forward.. spt akhir2 ini, banyak msg soal RIM BB yg mau maintenance, perkembangan UU lalu lintas (belok kiri langsung mau ditiadakan yah?), de-el-el deh..

mostly seh.. my friends love to spread jokes on BB.. its great, waaaaaay better than those chain messages, hahaha..

benny said...

@angel, iya saya jg dapet yg itu. haha. sama dong, ketipu.

@jeanne, saya gak tau kalo temen saya di RS. wkt itu saya dan temen sy masih di twn. mamanya di indo. sy br tau ketika temen sy besoknya langsung pulang indo n dia bilang ke saya. langsung d saya speechless keinget msg itu.

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Benny: syukur deh dia g ampe marah2 yaa.. nama nya jg g tau, hehe..