Monday, October 05, 2009

That ugly duckling is actually a swan..

I read the news about Susan Boyle sometime ago in Jawa Pos.. well, it's quite a long time actually.
She's a 47 year old woman from Scotland, who grabbed an international attention when she first appeared as a contestant in Britain's Got Talent.
Well, when you imagine a a 47 year old woman, you probably will picture someone who's fat, unattractive, and when she appears in front of you, you must have thinking "Is this a joke? Oh alright, let's just hear it, we can use a laugh."
And yep, I think that's what most people thought when they saw Susan first came on the stage. She's not attractive and she has a funny sense of humor.. and you might expect the ugly duckling to squawk there.. but she didn't. She amazed all the audiences in that room and probably everybody whose watching the show live.. the judges, Piers who gave her a (disgust-kind-of) look when she said she was 47 and "that's just the other side of me" while spinning her hips, was awed by the performance and Amanda admit that her performance is a big "wake up call" for everybody there who have given her a cynical attitude when she came. And Simon's expression is my most favorite.. he's stunned, like speechless that kind of thing.. She ended up as the second winner in the show.

Another amazing performance also came from Paul Potts, the winner of BGT's first edition. He worked as a manager at a mobile phone before he entered BGT, and when he was a child, he often got bullied (Susan did too). His appearance couldn't be said as an attractive one, not that handsome and has bad teeth.. he also admit that he has difficulties in being confidence about himself, but when he sang the opera song, Nessun Dorma.. WOW! and he did win the BGT and performed in front of Queen Elizabeth II.

There are also some other contestant that have the same background with these two, bullied at school, not so much confidence, not that good looking, etc, but they are really talented, amazingly gifted.
This give us a lesson.. we cannot judge people by the way they look, their appearances..
As I quote Susan's words in the Washington Post, "Modern society is too quick to judge people on their appearances. [...[ There is not much you can do about it; it is the way they think; it is the way they are. But maybe this could teach them a lesson, or set an example."

We must admit.. we like seeing gorgeous, beautiful and handsome figures, don't we? You don't keep a picture of Quasimodo in your purse, right? And yep, people with good looks sometime get easier life than those without.
But everybody, regardless their appearance, age, race, beliefs.. we all have the same opportunity.. we should not look down on them who has no beauty.. who knows that the ugly duckling will turn in to a swan? or if you just give it a time and polish it a bit, the dirty black coal will become a diamond..

All I'm saying is yea.. don't mock people, don't bully those you think is different from you.
Be friends with everybody. I'm not being all so wise.. I admit, sometime I judge people by appearance too.. and I'm ashamed of it, especially if my first judgment is not true.
Like the case with Susan, you first saw her, you can't help to underestimate her and not expecting much.. but after she sings, you gave her a standing ovation. I'll be embarrassed with my attitude, my first judgment.. is bad, right?
We have to get to know them first, give them a chance like we all want to be given a chance too.
How you want people to treat you, treat them the same way..

Hmm.. actually, I wanted to post how I like Simon Cowell when he's judging.
People said he's a mean judge, rude, but more people love him, like ME (^^,)*
He's an honest person, right? When you don't have it (talent), he said it.. when you do have it, he appraise you for it. Oh yea.. his expression while seeing Susan and Paul perform.. shows that he's really enjoying it and admit that they really got it! Go Simon!! haha..
Going to post another one about Simon some other time, showing a video of him when he's being really really nice to an 11 year old contestant, luv it!!

To see video of Susan performance, click here..
Paul here..
BGT here..
Some of the video cannot be embed, so I did this.. hehe.. (^^,)*

Good night, everyone..

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