Sunday, November 01, 2009

I'm engaged.. (^^,)*

*speechless.. hahaha..
I just smile all day.. so so so happy.. hehe..
Like my fiancee said (*cieee...) "We passed the semi-final, let's get ready for the final round!" woohoo.. final round as in the wedding.. ('^,)*

Woke up early this morning to have a simple make up at the beauty salon, maklum deh g iso make up dewe.. I wonder what time should I wake up for the wedding day.. my friend woke up at 3 in the early morning.. oh my.. I have to prepare my stamina *jia you..

Indra asked our friends to take our photos and a lil'video.. I was so nervous, not used to so much attention on me.. a bit salting but I try to relax.. haha..

In a Chinese tradition, the girl should not be seen (or should be hidden in the room) when they guy came.. so, I went to my room when Indra came.. tried to take a peek from my window, but couldn't see a thing.. only his Mum's friend in a flowery dress, hehe.. sweet dress.. I like it. Then I heard voices in the family room telling me that they already there.. made me so curious.. what happen, what are they doing.. I spent the 10 minutes checking the dress (it's a bit loose since the day I bought it, lost some weight, but it's okay), checked my nails hand and toes.. and then my Mum came.. "come on.. let's go.." she said.. *dag dig dug..

*smile smile.. ahh.. I saw my babe.. he's so cute, all shaved.. hmm..
I was told to go around pai2 to the elders and shake hands with all families..
Hugs and kisses to Indra's parents and they put a necklace on me as a symbol that I'm proposed and we're engaged.. different with the western yah, you just kneel, show her the ring, she said yes and you're engaged.. in eastern culture, you need the whole family to be there, haha..

Then we took photos, haha.. had lunch prepared by my Mum at our house and more photos.. hehehe.. so I'm officially engaged and not available, hahaha..

After the party, we also went to his (other) grandma's house and deliver some engagement hampers to families & friends. I really like the hampers, Indra's Mum made it for us from felt.. so cute (>.<)* our friends like them, especially the cookies, candies and food inside, especially bee cheng hiang, hahaha.. a one of a kind hampers we have & it's everybody's favorites, YAY!!

The day was great! I got a new sister, and two sets of parents, Indra has another mama and papa angkat in Jakarta, haha.. so I have three sets now (>.<)*
And later that night, we went to see movies, two married couple, one engaged couple and sweet little sister.. we watched Whisper.. I kept the movie ticket.. haha.. this is our first movie as an engaged, hoho..

So desu, I'm going to bed now..
Good night everyone.. sweet dreams.. (^^,)*


Angels said...

Congrattsss~~ xD
So when is the BIG day nih? :D

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Angel: thanks Ngel.. hmm, next year...waaaa.. got a lot to prepar (>.<)*