Monday, November 23, 2009

Looking for the dress..

Wow.. last Thursday I just had a new experience.. trying on a wedding dress!!!!
Like the other engaged girls out there and the wedding that is coming up.. this is something that's written on a MUST DO list.. haha..

So yea.. I was planning to go there with my lovely friend, Yeane.. but she phoned me last night, that she's pregnant!! (Wee.. luv it, congrats to her & hubby) and according to her condition and last time experience, she must have a bed-rest.. so she can't come and help me find my wedding needs.. well, it's oke lah.. I hope her condition will get better & the child is strong (^^,)*
So, went there with my little brother instead.. since he doesn't have much things to do, just counting days till the graduation day, which is next week.. hehe..

Then, we went to two places.. I looooove the first..
I don't know why.. perhaps because when I asked the second one.. do you have another one (models)? They just came up with dresses in the same cutting, and just different material, beads, additional lace, etc.. but overall are just the same.. while I mean is different shape.. like ball-gowns or like a mermaid ones.. both of us just got bored.. and then they said, we have different collections, but it's up stairs, the VIP ones and cost triplets than the ones down here.. what??! kamsia deh..
While the first.. I think they or actually she, have fresh ideas.. and yea.. I just like it.
It is true, the second one is known already and the fitting room is huuuge.. tapi mungkin dah jatuh cintrong tu ya susah kali yaa.. hahaha..

Oh well, I'm going back there (the 1st place) again Tuesday, tomorrow with my Mum.. (^^,)*
I already picked two shapes.. whether it is the half mermaid that will make me look slim (ohh.. all women love that) and longer legs, or the ball-gown which I think is so romantic.. hihi..

* extra to the story..
at the end of the fitting trip.. my brother said; " Sis, it feels really different you know.. seeing girls fitting regular dress on dept store and seeing this.. when you came out of the fitting room with the wedding dress.. it felt so.. WOW!! and you're NOT my bride!! I wonder how I would feel when I see mine later.."

I wonder how Indra would feel if he came fitting with me.. hmm..


Yuliana-Fun said...

hehehehe ajak doonnkk makanya si indra... kmrn aku foto juga, pake wedding dress, co ku terpana hahaha :P
moga lancar yak cen.. :) tgl brapa sich?

Yuliana-Fun said...

lah cen? perasaan kemaren gw ada posting komentar deh disini, kok ga muncul yak? :P
wuaah jadi kapan hari H-nya cen?
kemaren gw foto juga, pake wedding dress, co gw bilang beda hehehehe :P
moga lancar yak cen :)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Fun: lah.. gw bingung jg, perasaan kemarin dah d approve and bales deh..
pas cek lg, kok malah jd lom ke-approve..error x Fun inet nyaa.. nih, udah gw approve dua2nya, haha..

si Indra bru liat di foto, lum liat langsung.. hehe..
loe kapan Fun? ntar gw msg aja yah.. hahaha..