Thursday, November 12, 2009

Royal Pains.. first season

Just finished watching Royal Pains yesterday.. it was fun..
Been curious about it since I saw the commercial and it says that "it's a combination of Macdreamy & Macgyver" hahahaha.. Macdreamy came from Grey's Anatomy.. one of my favorites (^^,)* especially with Patrick Dempsey in it, hahaha.. love the main character Meredith too.. hmm..
Thanks to my bro for the copy (^^,)*
By the way, this Royal Pains is a worth watching.. I like some statements the characters said and it's just different from other doctor serial I've ever watched. He, the main character, Dr. Hank Lawson, is a real Macgyver, he uses things surround him to save his patients, from sport bags to fishing hook and even drill!! Can you imagine that?

He's an E.R. doctor whose blamed for the death of a patient, who was (which making it worse) a billionaire trustee of the hospital where he works, a real bad luck.. He got dumped by his fiancee whose dreaming of marrying a doctor instead of an unemployment which is he is now. Then, his accountant brother came offering him a "vacation" which turned out to be a job opportunity.. he saved a model in a rich Hampton's billionaire party and become a concierge doctor there.. hah?! Well, it's something like the kind of doctor you can call to your house 24 hours or anytime you have an emergencies, wow.. nice eh?! Having one cute doctor you can all anytime.. hmm..

Telling you the truth, he (Dr. Hank) has a cute smile.. and no wonder some of the patients were in to him and willing to "pay" more, haha.. but yea.. I agree with the other viewer, the character is too soft, and I believe there's no guy in this world like him, except if he's a gay maybe.. (no offense to the statement, I have a gay friend and he somehow has the characteristic)
How? Well, he's too patient, really understanding, not pushy, smart, charming, bla bla bla and other things.. I'm not saying that guys are not understanding, patient or not having any of those.. it's just that most guys have maybe 7 from 10 of the good qualities or characteristics, the other 3 are the opposite characters (the negative one). I mean, have you seen (in American movies mostly) a guy who don't take the "bate" (a.k.a. a girl whose obviously into him & sooo ready to anything with him, even flirt to him) when he just somehow got dumped (for the second time)?
Well, a few did refuse, but most of them will just have a one-night-stand maybe or try to have a new relatonship with the new girl.. and this one just didn't.
And have you met a guy who'll wait patiently for his girl to decide (in this case, includes another guy) and when she's ready, she'll know where to find him.. most guys will make the girl choose, "him or me?", right?
WOW eh?!
He's somehow only a guy in a dream, or in this case, in a serial movie, haha..

And the girl cast, Divya Katdare, I LOVE her, especially when she's talking to Evan, haha..
Another guy I like is Tucker Bryant.. really nice to look.. buat cuci mata.. haha.. *sipp..

Well, just watch it and you'll know what I mean.. hehe..
Hmm.. waiting for the 2nd season (^^,)*

Night all..

P.S. just found this video.. it is said as the Royal Pains Wrap Rap video..
and to me, it's crazily hilarious.. LOL.. It's a video all the crews and cast made as a celebration for the season finale..
What's in it, I definitely couldn't believe it.. Hank is 180 degrees different from the movie, like some other comments about the video said, it should be Evan (Hank's little brother), molesting Zoey.. but yea, who's the doctor anyway.. can't believe it!! LOL (still)..

Wanna sing along? Check out the lyrics..

The Royal Pains Wrap Rap by Two Live Jew & The RP Crew

Spoken: Yeah girl… I’m gonna examine you good. This Divya and this my opthalmascope…

No signs of papilledema,
No increased intracranial pressure.
Say AHH stick your tongue out.
No abnormality of the soft palate muscles,
The uvula is midline. Midline!
Glossopharyngeal nerve is intact,
No masses in the neck or thyroid,
Lungs, heart, abdomen are normal,
Repeat the words: ball, flag, tree!
Cat box cup…
Ball, flag, tree!
Car bell juice…
Ball, flag, tree!
Pen shoe jar…
Ball, flag, tree!
Count backwards from 100 by 7s.
93, 54, 62, 63…
No neurological abnormality,
No explanation for her hallucinating.
Let’s take it up a notch!
Repeat the words: ball, flag, tree.
Ball, flag, tree!
Car bell juice.
Ball, flag, tree!
Pen shoe jar.
Ball, flag, tree! x 15
Let’s take it up a notch!

NOTE: BALL, FLAG, TREE are commonly used words during mini-mental neurological status examinations

lyrics taken from dvrlife.

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