Saturday, January 09, 2010

My 365 project..

As I said in my 2010 resolution point no. #3, haha.. I have a 365 project..
I'm going to post at least 1 photo of my flannel creation. It can be the flannel I made on that day or some old ones I haven't published yet.. I hope I can make at least 1 each day.. jadi skill bertambah and koleksi pun bertambah.. haha..
Habisnya, koleksi buku tambah banyak.. tp flannel yg d bikin g nambah2.. mungkin memang mesti terima orderan yah.. supaya makin semangat, haha..
Oh well.. I made special flickr for them and another blog about flannel only.. hehe..
Here are the 1-10 / 365 photos..
I have put the 10th and scheduled it for tomorrow's entry too :p sorry for cheating, but my cousin is getting married tomorrow, and this is just in can I cannot go online, hehe..

My fiancee also have a 365 project of his own, 1 photo per day as he likes photography so much.. and my future sister in law, Dian, has a 365 post project.. she's going to make a post entry in her blog.. at least one each day too.. WOW!!
How about you guys? Have a 365 project of your own?

My 365 also blogged in Stitchy Love and photos uploaded in Flickr.

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