Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Him & photography..

I think I have shared this before..
My fiancee started to love photography for about (more or less) two years ago.. and yep he's loving it more and more.. I saw his works, his trainings.. going hunting here and there, making new friends from photography club and finally made his own group..
With his friends, he saved some money to invite models, make up artist and also to upgrade their tools, photography gadget from lenses, to light, other photography accessories and of course the camera itself.
I like photography myself.. maybe coz its in the blood.. my dad used to like it too, he still tho.. it's just that he got some problem with his eyes that gives him some limitation to continue on photography..
I like using LOMO cameras.. haha.. yea.. they're really jadul and a bit ma fan to deal with.. since it uses negative film and they need to be processed first before we can see our shots results.
I don't really understand using DLSR cameras yet.. they have so many features, but I hope to be able to operate one soon or later.. so I can help my fiancee a bit. hehe..

By the way.. I'm really proud of him.. he has made this hobby become a business.. with some of his best mates, he made a photography service, BITe Photography..
They already made quite a lot projects till now.. from birthdays, fashion shows, pre-weds and weddings.. wee.. so, are you interested? just click on the Facebook profile to find out (^^,)*

I'm wishing him all the best with this business and I hope I'll be able to help him..
I'm starting to help him at the office too, his main job beside photography.. although up to now, still haven't help him a lot besides helping him arrange the room.. I'll be learning a lot soon I hope.. *fingers crossed*

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Yuliana-Fun said...

naaah entar foto prewed, suruh indra aja cen... hahaha gimana motoinnya yak?? hehe :)