Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Adventure of Two Little Toof

Finally, after a long wait of pre-ordering.. waiting for the book to be published, and finally sent to my place.. It has arriiiived!!!

I present you My Milk Toof, The Adventure of Ickle and Lardee, by Inhae Lee.

I've been following the blog since I can remember..
My Milk Toof, is a photographic stories of two little baby teeth, named Ickle and Lardee.
The author of the book, Inhae Lee, which is now also served as these little cute teeth caretaker.. claimed (I don't know how to say it in other words :p ) that these baby teeth are her long lost (fell out) milk teeth that have returned. They had came back to live with her..
Awww! They're just so cute (^^)*

This book contains the photographic stories of Ickle's and Lardee's adventure together.
When Ickle first came to Inhae's place and getting used to the life in her house, and when Lardee came along.. and loads and loads of other cute stuff and mischief they can manage to do.
Ickle and Lardee are handcrafted by Inhae lee herself, along with most of the props she has for the stories. Lardee has a really cute red bag which I think is magic, since it can contains loads and loads of things in there. Cute suitcase, bath tub, etc.

My husband and I, surely going to treasure this book.
We even bought extra copies from Amazon!! Crazy aren't we?
You won't regret having this one :D

I'm making this review both to express my happiness on finally having it in my hands and also joining Angel's contest on getting her copy of Sophie Kinsella's, The Wedding Girl.
Wish me luck!!

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