Monday, April 16, 2007

How did I get it?

All the crafting hobbies...
I think it runs in the blood...
My grandmother from my father side, she loves stitching, she made bed sheets, pillow covers and handkerchiefs which some, we use until now. My grandmother from my mother side, she can sew too, she used to make some pajamas for me when I’m still a kid. My mother loves to cross-stitch and make floor mat from wools, I love the stuff she made, we have them hang on our walls and bedroom floors, hehe.. My aunty love cross-stitch and make dolls clothes too when she’s at high school. And! Well, I’m not into cross-stitch so much and I cannot use sewing machine, but I love making flannel dolls! So much! Hahaha..
It really is run in the blood, don't you think? =P

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