Sunday, May 20, 2007

May trip

I went to a trip with my family and church’s fellows the last 4 days. We went to Semarang and Jogjakarta..
1st day, we went to Goa Maria Besokor – Waleri.
At night, we went to Goa Maria Kerep and pray there.. not enough light to make a good pic tho..,=(

- 2nd day
Aaargghhh... the water is so freezing and we have to get up at four in the morning . brrr…
Goa Maria Rosa Mistika - Tuntang

Klenteng Sam Po
Kong - this is not part of the praying trip actually, but everybody heard that there's a big Vihara in Semarang and they all wanted to see it.. so here we are..
I just love the roof.. hehehe, the day was so bright too and that gives a good color on the photos, haha..

- 3rd day


Ganjuran (Tugu Kristus Raja) - they have 9 springs here (well, actually all places we went, they all have springs, I just didn't get to take the pictures ,:-( ), and there was a saying that before or after you pray, you can wash yourself on the springs (face, feet or anything you like, but not taking a bath of course), but to make your prayers be true and to really "clean" yourself, you have to wash from all nine.. I don't know where this saying come from.. but I just did like what it says and it's kinda fun.. and cold too.. hahaha..

Stay the night at Jogja
We were waiting for Sup Buntut we bought for Sean, for his breakfast tomorrow.. sipping cold Teh Botol.. hehehe..

- 4th day
Went home.. finally.. hehe.. woke up at 4 in the morning again..
Imagine.. 9 hours in the bus from Jogja to Surabaya, but we had a lot of fun..
and if there's another trip again, I think I might go.. well, depends whether my parents are going or not ;-)

Great day! GBU

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