Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sewing Machine

Went to a Singer shop today, saw it when I was on my way to pick my printer in the service center. Well, I've been dreaming of having my own sewing machine, but didn't know where to look, to buy and worst, I didn't even know how to operate it. I learned to use one back in junior high, but it was the old one, not automatic and do not use electricity. I want the one that's electric, like this one! Haha.. the one I saw at the store was type 1130, this one is 1120.
Zig zag free arm portable semi automatic, 31 built-in stitches, button holler, etc..and it's 1,4 million rupiah. Is it cheap? I think it's kinda cheap, cause I thought electric sewing machine will be more than 3 0r 4 million. Hmm.. now I know how much I have to save to get this one.. or a birthday present? hahaha..

Holiday tomorrow, and my family and I are going to Semarang and Jogjakarta for a religious tour, 17 - 20 May. We're going with some church's friends..
We'll get some fun too..

You guys have a great holiday too ('',)*

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