Sunday, June 24, 2007

Going home..

Woke up early this morning, and go straight to buy Pecel Pandigiling for my mum. She asked me to buy some. Yea yea..I’m going back to my hometown today, for a short holiday and renew my passport.
Hehe.. so happy to be back..
My darl didn’t pick me up today, he couldn’t make it because he has some family occasion, his cousin is getting married. I thought we couldn’t see each other today coz he’s busy, but he tried to find some time to come, so we watched a movie at my place.
He brought me a present from his mum for my birthday..the one with the green dog and pink piggy. Thank you Ie, love it so much, I hang it on my bedroom wall. I feel ashamed coz I didn’t get to give her anything on her birthday. Shame, shame on me..

Dinner at Yesica with my fam, hehe.. a cheap treat for my birthday..

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