Saturday, June 23, 2007

Birthday ('',)*

Didn’t plan anything special on my birthday.. haven’t got idea where to take my friends too, well, I think it will be a bit postponed, haha..
I got a surprise from my brother and his girlfriend last night. They came in to my room bringing birthday cake and sing happy birthday.. no one ever done that before, thank you guys, and thank you for the presents too.. I’ll definitely wear them all, haha.. Thanks to mum & dad, aunty, my other bros for the gifts too..
My darl? Of course he’s the first to wish me Happy Birthday.. he sang it to me in fact, and for memories, I recorded it on my cell phone, hehehe..
Got another birthday cake from my coworkers too.. haha.. lot of cakes and gifts eh?

By the way, I went to a printing exhibition today, my father asked me to. Well, I learn a lot since I went there with some friends whose happen to be in the field, they explained a lot of things for me. I even got interested to buy a photo box and put it in my hometown, Banjarmasin. An investment? Well, for sure, it can add some income.. What do you think?

Went to Karaoke @ Mystique, Mexx Building with some friends.. having fun and talk about our holiday plan to Bali on August. We planned to have holiday there, since our friends that study abroad will be coming; it’s going to be a lot of fun. What more with my darl coming too.. woohoo!! So we talk and discuss, I researched plane ticket prices and hotels, fun places to go and all. The other suggest who to book ticket and ask for apartments.. and after all efforts, thoughts and quite hard work, we’re not going. Argh! Yea.. one of our friends didn’t get permission from her parents and it’s just not fun anymore, so we just cancel it. It’s a pity we’re not going, and my first holiday with darl is cancelled. Feeling mad? No, I think it’s not the time yet and maybe when we really can make it, it’s going to be fab!

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