Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cake obsession - for real??

I’ve been thinking to bake some cookies lately, been looking at some instant powder at the supermarket and I ended up buying flour, sugar, coffee, baking powder, butter and all other stuff needed to make cookies.
I decided to make coffee cookies just the way I learnt it before at Bogasari cooking class. I intended to give it to my boyfriend if I succeed.. but it all turned out like these..

(cookies going to be, in the oven, and they melt..)

1st result...

Did I put too much butter? I’m sure I measure all of the ingredients correctly.. but they all melts and oily like there’s too much butter..
Hmm.. let’s try by adding flour..

2nd result...

A little better, but they still melts.. so I added more flour..

3rd result...

Nice and perfect shape.. but you can’t really feel the coffee flavour.. sigh.. so I quit. I put all the left offers in the dust bin. I think I still need to learn and practice some more.
For the time being, I’ll stick to my flannel cake project.. haha..
To my dear, sorry.. the cookies postponed.. hehe..

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