Saturday, June 09, 2007

Handicraft class

I joined a Handicraft class held by Nyata tabloid & Fran's Bakery, Element - cafe & resto this morning. Class was start from 9 a.m to 1p.m. We learned how to make brooches and necklace from beads, pearls and stones. The teachers were from Dumon collections, they sell beads, pearls and all you need to make these kinds of accessories. Their collections kinda complete too, you know? They can give you courses too if you want. Hmm.. am I promoting them now? haha.. well ('',)*

these are the things you need to make brooch and necklace, don't know how to call them in English, so.. just look at the picture k? hahaha...

the brooch which I finally finished.. the first one doesn't look so good, so I rearranged it, and this is all I can came up with, not to neat, the string still showing here and there.. hmm.. gotta practice some more..

about the necklace.. I still don't know what to do with it. Miss Evi, the one who taught us, she said to be as creative, mixed the beads, pearls, stones, everything.. but I don't think it came out good. I haven't finished it yet.. I might going to look for some examples on the net and make one based on it, just wait and see.. hehe..

There will be another class, also held by Nyata tabloid next Saturday, June 23rd 2007. It will be held at another place, Tomodachi cafe & pastry. About Menhdi, nail art & glass painting.
It cost about Rp. 130,000 including all the materials, lunch box and a bag, we can get a door-prize too if we're lucky.. you think I should join? I'm interested with menhdi & glass painting.. hmm.. *thinkin'

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