Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rollands' birthday party

Tonight is my cousin, Rolland, birthday party. His birthday was on 6th actually, but it's not weekend, so his parents postponed the party to June 10th.
None of the kids invited were his friend tho, haha.. well, he's still a year old. All of them were his cousins and sons or daughters of his parents' friends, which are much older than him.
They have funny stories, dance and prezzies if they can answers some questions or do task..
You bet, they're really having fun!

Moms and Dads got their turn too..
The clown asked "Do you still want more presents?" "YEAAAHH!!" answered the kids, "Then pull your Mom to the stage".. hahaha.. so it goes with the Dads. The clowns asked them to danced too.. haha..

It was fun and full of laugh.. to see their actions.. haha..
Don't mind another birthday party.. ('',)*

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