Friday, June 01, 2007

Heroes - the first season

I'm not so into American TV series, the latest I saw was Taken. Yea, I know, it's about years ago, haha.. I mostly watch Korean series or just movies. But I can recommend you this one, Heroes. I first knew it from Efata and apparently, my boyfriend likes it too.

Heroes is a serial about people all over the world discovering that they have super powers and trying to find out how to deal with it, how it will affect their lives. Somehow, they will meet each others and realize that they're destined to be "heroes" to save the world.

It all started with an Indian professor , Chandra Suresh who studies about how these people gain their abilities, the genetics, and he was trying to tell them, but he was killed before he start his mission.
Then we will meet these super heroes, how they find their abilities and meet each others.
* Peter Petrelli - a male nurse who saw it his dreams and suspects he might be able to fly.
* Nathan Petrelli - Peter Petrelli's older brother, a congress member that has the ability to fly.
* Isaac Mendez - an artist living in New York who can paint the future when he's high on drugs.
* Hiro Nakamura - a programmer from Japan & comic book geek who can stop time and teleport through time.
* Claire Bennet - a cheerleader who can regenerate, she can heal her body. It is said that those heroes have to save her life.
* Niki Sanders - experienced mysterious things when she faced a mirror, forgot what happened when she passed out. Apparently, she has a double personality.
* Matt Parkman - LAPD cop who can hear people thoughts.
* D.L. Hawkins & Micah Sanders - husband and Niki son, they have special skills too
* lots more and one mysterious character called Sylar, suspected to be the one who killed other special skilled people and our heroes.

Others with no special abilities are Mr. Bennet - father of Claire Bennet, who works for a paper company, which is actually an organization working to identify these super human and run tests on them. Mohinder Suresh - son of Chandra Suresh who continues his fathers' works. etc.

Since today's holiday, I spent the day watching the rest of season 1 episodes, from 16 until 23. Wow! I tell you, it gets more interesting, new characters with new abilities, just fun. I love it! Can't wait until season 2 came up.. Really! Go watch this movies and you won't regret it ('',)*


Indra said...

Yea yea.. now gimme the rest of the episodes so I can keep up! hahahaha

ekowanz said...

thx for passing me by in my blog :D

yup..i'm one of hiro's fans..hehe ym id please :p so we can chit-chat for the rest of our life :D hahaha....