Friday, August 10, 2007

Sushi Hana

About to go home from TP when my brother called us and asked where are we going to have dinner, then he asked us to have it at Sushi Hana.. Hmm, why not I think.. hahaha
We were having Teriyaki Salmon Bento for my dad, Teriyaki Chicken bento for my mum, Sukiyaki Chicken Soup, Salmon with Enoki, Volcano Roll, Salmon Sashimi, Roe Sushi, and another sushi with shrimp, I don't know what it's called..hahaha, I forgot actually..
We had ice cream dessert after that, durian, tape ketan and ice mochi, nice ones.
They just opened here on the new address, they had their old one at Darmo, it was smaller and this one is bigger, they also have two floors.
We're full, hahaha..
Overall, the place is nice, foods are good too, teriyaki sauce is more delicious, but I think i still prefer Sushi Tei, they're far cheaper, suit my purse, hahaha..

These are some pictures..
1st, the food 2nd, Mum & Dad

3rd, Weny & me 4th, Didiet & Weny

5th, a self portrait while waiting for Weny at the restroom.. hahaha..

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