Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tang Palace free lunch

My mum got a birthday gift from a bank last month, a lunch voucher at some restaurants in Surabaya. We chose Tang Palace at J.W.Marriott hotel. We got a free all you can eat dim sum for two, so I have to pay for my own since there's three of us; mum, dad and me.
The food was nice, xiao lung bao is definitely more delicious then other place we have went before. Soup was nice too except that it has coriander leaves inside of the dumplings, I hate them.. There's fried bananas with lotus flour too.. the banana is sweet and when we asked for more, they said they're sorry they can't give us our order because it's almost 3 P.M. which they have to close and clean up, then prepare for dinner time. Do you think it is okay for them to reject our order with that reason? Well, there still a lot of people in the room, about three or four tables and they're still eating. I don't think it is good, except if we came around three, and it's their time to close then it's okay, but I don't know..
Well, overall it's just nice I think. Maybe not going there twice if there's no occasion or more vouchers, hahaha.. but I wanted to try the one next door, a Japanese restaurant called Imari (if I'm not mistaken), they ave all you can eat sushi and others every Sunday for IDR 138,000++. Dad once went there and he said it's nice..
We'll see bout that..

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