Friday, September 28, 2007

Last August 22' 2007 post..

Had a hold on it, but have to let it go so soon..
Yea..coz it's my Dad's birthday's not that I'm not happy for you Dad, I do.. but I'm so mupeng, hahaha.. Well, I'll just hold on to my old W900i, I still love it. And in fact, sometimes I'm kinda happy when people are curious about my phone since it's not out in the market nemore I think.. haha.. langka bo, langkaa..
I'm not thinking about new phones and all right now.. what I really want is still, a sewing machine.. for my crafting experiments.. I'll save up some and hopefully can get one soon. ('',)*


Indra G Masribani said...

I remember the time when I was excited about p1i too, but yea, the time has passed and I still stick to my D838Pro.

As for your sewing machine, you'll get it soon enough. Save save ;) My own target is a MacBook Pro, gonna strip me ard 20mil.

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

yea..your mac is 20 times my sewing machine, haha..