Monday, October 01, 2007

Birthdays & newly born..

Today is my Dad's birthday.. Happy Birthday Dad! love ya! *mwah..
Wish you health & long life. I wish I was at Banjarmasin, miss ya.. but we'll meet soon on October 10, yoohooo...:-D

Happy Birthday to Efata too.. my "mum" (she's my friend, but I used to call her mum), and she's going to be a real mum next year. Wish her good health and healthy baby too..

Oh yeah..another good news.. My Aunt just gave birth to a baby girl today...YAY!!!
I'm going to visit them tomorrow afternoon. I'll try to take some photos and put them here.. hehe.. so many babies born this year. My friends, my cousins, and now my aunt. I still my other aunt going to give birth too at the end of this year.. WOW! WOW! akeh yooo..

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