Tuesday, October 02, 2007


So.. I didn't get to visit my uncle at the hospital and see his newly born daughter. Well, it's all because we can't get any parking space there, so many visitors yet not so many parking space. And yeah..can't put any picture here..
The name of the baby girl is Ivory Ameris Halim, born on 1st October 2007, 7.17 A.M, 51 cm long, and weight 3.08 kgs.

By the way, I went to Pasar Atum for lunch with my brothers. Aaand.. we took pictures on the photo box. This time is three of us, Didiet, Ayin & Me. Next time I would love to have Sean with us too.. miss him ('',)* And you, Indra, you should take some with me too, k?
Oh yeah.. if you guys wondering, why there's only 11 pictures here, so odd, they usually have 12 or 9. Well, we did took 12 pictures, but we didn't put that one picture due to an extreme ugliness, haha.. really, I mean it. So, we just don't want to embarrassed ourselves and make you all throw up.. this is for our good, haha..

Good night.. God bless.. ('',)*

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