Saturday, October 06, 2007

D minus 4

YAY!! 4 more days to holiday..
My office will have holiday from 10 to 22 October. What a long one eh? And my family and I are going to China!!! Yay!!! I'm so excited. I miss Beijing, although I only lived there for eight months.
Why am I so excited? well, it's because..
First, it is the first time I get to go outside of the country with the complete member of my family. Yay!!
The second is, finally get to visit one place.. haha.. there's a place I really want to visit. My school? Nah.. most of my friends are not there anymore, so yeah.. school is not one of the place I want to see. Well, I want to go to the bookstore, perhaps Wang Fu Jing bookstore, one of the biggest. hehe.. weird eh? Well, I just want to buy some Ji Mi books, I've been collecting them. I feel like this is the chance to buy his latest books. Buying it online is possible, but it's just too expensive.. haha..
Third, there will be a lot of photos to be put here or on my friendster account ^^,
Oh, and yeah..finally get to eat the real Beijing gao ya.. the one's I ate here are so weird. There, we used to eat the white bread (round and thin one, looks like tortilla but smaller diameter, I don't know how to call them) with the ducks' meat right? while here in Indo, we ate it with the skin and they serve the meat in different dishes. And, I don't really like it that way..

I'm sure going to miss Indra.. using XL for short messaging is really expensive, 4000 Rupiahs for one message. I'm going to buy a local number, so I still can communicate with him.. anytime ('',)*
Yo!! gotta start packing my things tomorrow..


Sanni said...

Have a nice full fam holiday..
Enjoy ur new "job" as a model... ^_^
Selamat ber foto ria......
God bless

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Model dadakan, tp ke'enakan china dong Ie.. dpt model promosi wisata gratis..ya kita2 ini..
thank you Ie..
GBU too

Anonymous said...

Jen, bok lupa beli makanan/permen JP/KR.Permen yg kuecut2 yah jean! aku pgn makan goulash e Elephant,bok lupa makano yah...ntar kabar2i rasae...hehehe
trusbok lupa beli tas2 e dsana,kan murah2,hehehehe....lek u ada hati mau mebawakan yah....aku sih ga akan nolak jean...!hahhahah
met seneng2 sama fam yah!!!
salam yah buat mas2 n mbak2 e sana!ciao....YEANE

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Ok Yean..thank u thank u..
tp, kayak e g isa deh mampir2 Elephant, and tempat kita ma'em2 dulu. Padahal aku pengen banget k Steak & Eggs ama Grandma's Kitchen..kangeeen banget ama makanan n minuman e..
Soal belanja2, let me see my budget first, hehehe..kmu kan 'anak' ku, pasti tak oleh2i lah..haha..
Kmu juga have fun on holiday ya..