Wednesday, February 27, 2008

From Changi with love..

It's been 10 days? haha.. I went to Spore with my parents for their medical check-up on 18 Feb, and today, we're going back home.
Tho I've been to China and only china actually, I've never been here.. so yeah, it's a new experience which I really love, hahaha.. We went to Bangkok and Malaysia (but only at Genting)also. I don't really like Genting, maybe it's the atmoosphere there, so much "godaan duniawi" (haha, dunno how to say this in English). Casino and all, I don't really like it, too many smoke and it doesn't feel like mountains at all, not so much of fresh air.
Bangkok is ok, and I get to take pictures with the elephants!! haha.. and some bences too. I'll post the pictures soon.
Singapore? Don't ask! I love it! Especially with the lovely bookstores, Kinokuniya and Borders.. these are the two places I visit so often. I bought so many books, you'll see.. hoho..

Hmm.. this is all I can write for now, I have only 15 minute sessions and I have to get in to the waiting room, plus I'm a bit hungry. haha..
See ya ^^

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