Friday, February 29, 2008

A new hair cut & a date..'s so obvious just by reading the title, I just get a new haircut today. Not because I'm already bored with my long hair, I still like seeing myself with long hair. But Mom keep saying just cut it, more over, it starts to fall piece by piece (I'm wearing hair extension for your info, so you won't freak out, ^^,). Well, it's just don't look that good anymore, so I decided to get a new one.. haven't take any pictures to show here, but soon..

About the date, Indra & I just had a small quick date.. well, he didn't come here for holidays, he came for business, buying some stuffs for his new display store and to the factory to check on things. He'll be going back to Bjm tomorrow, hmm.. bentar banget. hiks..
But he'll come again around holidays next week, YAY! We'll have great times..
I miss him a lot!

Hmm.. I'm kinda sleepy now, guess I'll just go to bed..
Have to wake up early and prepare salaries.. end of month!

Oh more good news, my friend, Efata just gave birth to a baby boy today (or last night?), named George Federick Gunawan.. can't wait to see him soon (^^,)*
A lot of happy news! YAY! Thank you, my dear God..

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Indra G Masribani said...

nice hair cut. I like it! :)