Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Leap of Love, Remember Me?

There is a wonderful ancient Western tradition that allows a woman to propose to a man.
But, only on 29 February.

Only once every four years, in a Leap Year.

You know girls love and even crave for romantic stories, if you're one of those girls, this is a good book to read.
A Leap of Love is a story about a girl who believes that fate will show her the man she meant to be with. Where? She doesn't know. When? She doesn't know it either. But, when the time comes, she'll just know..
But what she doesn't know is.. what Fate has behind all that. The journey of love is full of tricks and mischievousnesses that make it not smooth at all.

I bought this book the night before I went back to Indonesia (26/02/08). I thought I can use some readings while waiting for my flight. But what? I finished this book in a night, so I have no more books to read while waiting for the boring hours.. And I bought another one, Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella.

The story is about another girl, Lexi Smart, who wakes up in a hospital and found out that her whole life has changed! She's rich, her whole appearance (which mean her imperfect teeth and fat) changed, and she's married to a gorgeous & also a multimillionaire husband too!!
Except that she forgot how she end up this way, she lost three years of her memories.. and with her bestfriends are not her bestfriends anymore.. she got confused!!
Interesting isn't it? Will she be able to retrieve her memories? We'll never know..
Well, I know, cause I have read it, haha.. and you know? in a day too.. I wonder why I read that fast. Maybe it's been a while since my last novel..

by the way, the book, A Leap of Love is made into a movie, called A Leap Years.. released last February 29'2008.
I really want to watch it, is it going to be as good as the novel? In fact, I got a free movie ticket when I bought the book. It's just that I went back to my country the next day, so yea.. I couldn't watch it. Perhaps, I'll just find the DVD.

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