Sunday, March 23, 2008

At last! We have a dog!!

When my brothers and I still kids, we often asked our mother if we can have a pet. We used to asked if we can have a dog, and she always said "No".
There are a lot of reason to it, she said that we're still kids and we can't clean up their mess and she'll end up being the one to clean the dogs' poo and all. Other reason, the maids in our house are afraid of dogs. Or another reason, who'll take care of them during holiday since the maids are gone, we're leaving for holiday too.. She asked whether one of us want to stay behind to take care of the dog and miss all the fun on holidays? We all said "No". So yeah, we don't have a pet till now..
The only pet we have is a cat, my Mum have to let us have it because it's actually our grandmother's cat. He's called "Item", but it's dead already.. I think he got hit by a car, because we found him dead on the side of the street. Poor cat.. Others are birds, given by our Uncle, but they're gone too.. We have to give it away when Sean just born. You know, babies can't have fur and all.. bad for them.
And today! Wow! I never expected it.. We're out to look for a dog. She even went to two malls just to get the right one. So, we bought a golden retriever, a young one, I don't know how old but he's really cute.. we haven't named him yet. He loves to sleep, I think because he's still a baby.
Here's a picture of the dog..
Sssttt! Don't be too loud, you'll wake him..

haha.. he's cute, isn't he?


Indra said...

how "cute"... :) let me know when it finally awake

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

hmm.. I wonder when is that..
when the breathing stop, I'll know. It's time to change the batteries..


Indra said...

hahahaha.. that's too much hint :)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...


but it's enough to make you go back and see the pictures again, hahaha..