Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Indra & Calla..

Waa!! Waa!! I got a surprise from my darl!!
I just got home from the office.. and when I enter the living room.. TARAAA!! a very big bouquet of Calla..
Thank you Indra.. it's very sweet of you..and you remember my favorite flower too (^^,)*
*kiss kiss

And then, there's something more!! He came at about 30 minutes after.. a really sweet surprise..

We went to have dinner after that..
He's staying for few days.. we're going to have great times!!

actually, I already know he's coming cause he told me the night before, but yea.. with the flowers, it's so lovely!!


Indra said...

geez.. my smile looks weird! hahaha but oh well.. glad that you like it babe. A small surprise won't hurt right? :)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

like it? LOVE it!!
your smile? it doesn't look weird to me.. kalo chubby sih iya, haha..
It doesn't hurt of course, in fact, I'm hoping many more will come, haha..

thanks babe (^^,)*

Indra said...

awww... you welcome babe :)

Sanni said...

Indra..memberi bunga putih yang disukai girl friendnya.....
Satu lagi pembelajaran bagi yang senior ini.....(mana merahnya? ^_^)...

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

hehe.. iya.. no red sih ya..
kalo sama seniors biasa nya g boleh.. soal nya identik dgn funeral (right Ie?).
another good lesson.
xie xie Ie..