Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sewing machine attempt 2..

I tried to make a new doll with sewing machine last night. Another one from Aranzi Aronzo called Kidnapper.. well, it's called kidnapper cause it looks like one.. haha.. I didn't explain anything huh? It has black suit and trousers, wearing black hat, sneaky face I think and he has a bag to put the children he kidnapped there. Children? sounds like Pit Hitam ya?
So, I cut the fabrics, drew the seam line, start to sew.. hands was okay, head was kind of good, legs was nice, arms and all.. but when I stuffed the upper body with cotton.. gosh! the armpit looks sooooo bad, like it's folded or something and I thought a bit of cutting will make it look good. But instead of looking good, I successfully made holes on them.. GREAT!
Well, shouldn't stop practicing.. we learn from failure. Now we know our mistakes and learn not to make another mistakes and make better dolls!! hahaha..
I didn't get the time to take pictures, I'll post some this afternoon..

Well, have a great day everyone!!
To Indra.. hope you get better, darl!


Indra said...

I knew EXACTLY which doll are you making :) *excited

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

hahaha..harap bersabar sampai berhasil ya..