Friday, April 18, 2008

A little something from here..

Hey ya.. I'm at the doctor now.. trying to make use of the free-internet service. Since nobody is using it and nobody seems like wanting to use it, I abused the 15 minutes time, hahaha..
This is my last day here, waa... at last. I sound so bored eh?
Trully, Singapore should be fun, there are a lot of places to go.. but it's just so not fun to go and visit there alone.
My Mum and Dad can't go around because Dad just had his eye surgery, well, they (the eyes) must not be exposed in the sun too much and he has to get a lot of rest.. not too much walking, while here, we go anywhere by foot. So yea.. I have to travel alone.. and it's not really fun. Most of all, coz I can't take pictures =P
I wish I could come here again with my brothers and Indra. *fingers crossed
I already have the list of places to visit ready.. hahaha..

I'll be home tomorrow and I'll post more.. some pictures will be attached too, Merlion pic, Esplanade pic, gitu-gitu deh.. biasa banget yah?! haha..

k then, see you tomorrow!

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