Sunday, April 20, 2008

Other cute stuff I found..

cute buttons for scrapbooks or sewing..
I found this at Kinokuniya. You can see other design at the website.

cute plants at China Town

Cuties stall at Bugis and its' close up preview too..
cute and yummy coin purse for my Mum (apple), Auntie (orange) and myself (peach and the phone strap).. (^^,)*

Little odd forests' pouch and coin purse. I love her stuffs. The red pig coin purse is bought @ Esplanade shop and the pouch is at Modxi, Far East Plaza for 50% discount! Yay!

A cute store, Quilt & Calicoes at Tanglin Mall. They sell patchwork and quilts supplies from needles, strings, borders, etc; and of course, various kinds of fabrics. So lovely!. They're giving courses too. My father said, next time we come for another check-up, I can go and join the courses if I want to, rather than staying bored at the apartment or wandering around at Mall and bought useless stuff.. haha..
I like that idea, too bad they're holding a once a week course for beginners and for one day project, I have to equip myself with a sewing machine.. susah jg.. I treat myself some cute fat quarters tho..

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